Motorola Awarded its Third TETRA Contract in Denmark

Motorola Awarded its Third TETRA Contract in Denmark

Danish State Railways chooses Motorola and TetraNet to supply new communications system

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 20th October, 2005 – Following a competitive tender, the Danish State Railways (DSB) S-train has awarded Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) and TetraNet the contract to provide a new TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) network. The new network will deliver seamless communications for the DSB’s service personnel, including train inspectors and drivers. As a result of this agreement, all public transportation organisations in the capital, Copenhagen, will now be relying on TETRA technology and services to meet their communication needs.

The contract covers a voice and data network and the provision of Motorola MTH800 portable radios. In addition equipment for DSB S-train’s command and control centres will be provided, as well as air-time service and maintenance. The network will be delivered before the end of 2005 as part of a rapid rollout as part of DSB S-train’s IT strategy to improve efficiency.

The MTH800 portable radios are capable of traditional voice calls and sending and receiving data, meaning mobile users can access DSB databases in the field. The portable radios are equipped with a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browser for internet access and include a GPS (General Positioning Satellite) receiver, meaning users’ locations can be pinpointed even from inside the trains.

The GPS features are a key part of the system for DSB S-train. In the case of an incident or issue, the control centre can quickly and easily see who is in the best location to solve it. GPS also has an effect on personnel safety, as each radio has an emergency button which shows the user’s exact whereabouts providing greater peace of mind and personal safety.

TETRA technology was chosen because of its proven operational reliability and its ability to prioritise traffic. The decision is part of DSB S trains overall strategy to improve and future-proof its IT facilities as much as possible.

“The solution gives DSB S-train a service that meets its needs for voice and data communications on a day-to-day basis, but it also gives our Customer the peace of mind that should there be an emergency situation TETRA is the best technology to deal with this,” comments Bo Wassberg, Country Manager, Motorola Denmark. “Where ease of operation and security are key criteria, TETRA is the preferred solution. We believe we were chosen because of our experience as well as our ability to deploy this service in the short timescale the Customer needed””.

Although the TETRA open-standard was initially developed for mission critical environments, it has also been embraced by public transportation organisations, which have organisational requirements for secure, reliable voice and data communications. In Denmark, the Copenhagen Metro was the first organisation to choose TETRA, followed by Hovedstadens Udviklingsrrd (HUR), operating more that 1,200 buses and now the commuter train services have also chosen TETRA.

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