Motorola Announces New Software Platform to Improve Operational Efficiency of Mission Critical Networks

Motorola Announces New Software Platform to Improve Operational Efficiency of Mission Critical Networks

Dimetra™7.1 IP system provides emergency-service customers with faster data access and improved resilience while providing network operators with reduced cost of ownership enabled through IP transmission technology

TETRA WORLD CONGRESS, Singapore – 25 May 2010 – Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola, Inc (NYSE: MOT), world leader in the development and deployment of TETRA communication solutions, today announced the launch of a new versatile software platform – Dimetra™7.1 – that addresses the ongoing challenges mission critical users are facing.

The Dimetra™ 7.1 software platform provides mission critical end users such as police, fire or ambulance services with a range of capabilities that allow simplified, higher-speed access to data, improved network security and flexible network capacity and coverage. The variety of new features will support the evolution of the customer’s network infrastructure while enabling customer specific requirements, enhancing operational efficiency and optimising operators’ capital expenditure.

The key capabilities provided by the Dimetra™ 7.1software platform are:

High-speed Data
TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS) supports wider-scale deployment of mission critical data applications. TEDS provides secure, higher-speed connectivity for existing data applications and allows a richer user experience by combining image, text and voice to field operatives.

Security and Resilience
End-to-end encrypted logging and playback provides increased security by ensuring that encrypted voice logs are only decrypting on playback. With end-to-end encrypted data, agencies can provide a highly secure environment in which data (as well as voice) can be encrypted while remaining transparent to end-user applications.

Reduced Cost of Ownership Enabled Through Next-generation Transmission Technologies
IP-over-Ethernet connectivity allows network operators to benefit from significant operational expenditure (OPEX) reductions through the ability to benefit from the next generation in transmission technologies. By being integrated with the infrastructure equipment, the IP-over-Ethernet feature eliminates the need for external boxes that interoperate with legacy transmission protocols. Furthermore, the packet-based nature of IP-over-Ethernet networking enables a greater level of efficiency and cost effectiveness, which is particularly important with the increased demands on the network such as the introduction of higher-speed data services such as TEDS.

“The introduction of the Dimetra™ 7.1 software platform reaffirms Motorola’s support for the industry trend of evolving mission critical networks,” says Jens Kristiansen, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Products and Solutions, Motorola. “Motorola demonstrates once again the ability to remain on the forefront of mission critical technology by taking full advantage of the benefits of TEDS and recognising the importance of the industry’s ever-changing technological requirements.”

TEDS provides a higher quality of service for data applications that drive increased operational efficiency such as database lookups. This is an extremely important tool for fire and rescue services, which require fast access to maps, or police who require image download for missing persons. TEDS also helps to reduce the load on the dispatcher, as individuals are able to access the information themselves without contacting the dispatcher to do so for them. In addition to these features, TEDS offers invaluable high-speed data services during disasters.

Motorola’s newly announced MTS1 and MTS4E base stations have been designed to support the Dimetra™ 7.1 software. Together, with the portfolio of high-capacity, high-performance base stations, the software will provide flexible, resilient network coverage to mission critical services.

Motorola’s TETRA portfolio includes infrastructure solutions, terminals, applications and services that are now used in 100 countries worldwide. To date, the company maintains its leading position in the sector of TETRA digital radio solutions. The rugged, intuitively operated products from Motorola already undergo extensive tests during the development phase to ensure high quality and reliable handling even under extreme conditions.

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