Motorola and Hong Kong Police complete sucesful transition to CC3

Motorola and Hong Kong Police Successfully Complete Seamless Transition to Third-Generation Command and Control Communications System

Third and Final Phase Launch Puts Entire Hong Kong Police at the Forefront of Policing in Asia Pacific

HONG KONG, March 28, 2006 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT), a global leader in wireless communications and solutions, today announced the successful roll-out of the third and final phase of the Third-Generation Command and Control Communications system (CC3). The roll-out occurred in the Kowloon East and West Regions, allowing the entire police force to communicate on the new command and control communication system.

Motorola and the Hong Kong Police seamlessly replaced the previous systems on an Internet Protocol (IP) TETRA-based digital communications system in three orderly phases. Phase One was launched in 2004 covering the New Territories. Phase Two was rolled out in the Hong Kong Island Region in 2005.

“Since 1990, Motorola has been delivering the trusted technology to the Hong Kong Police. We’re delighted to continue our partnership to provide Asia’s advanced and sophisticated command and control communications system in these security-conscious times, and enable the seamless transition to the new system,” said John Cryer, Director of Strategy and Major Account Development, Government & Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Motorola Asia-Pacific.

CC3 is an Internet Protocol system based on the digital TETRA trunking radio standard, enabling more reliable routing capabilities, improved voice quality and the ability to track callers and mobilise officers in the field more efficiently. The system also provides enhanced security features such as encryption and authentication of users to prevent eavesdropping by criminal elements.

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