Mission Critical IoT – Market Assessment

Mission Critical IoT – Market Assessment

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Mission Critical IoT – A Comprehensive Market Study

Whilst the focus for many government agencies in Europe has been enabling 3GPP mission-critical push-to-talk voice services, inevitably these broadband networks will be leveraged to deliver a growing number of innovative data and video-centric applications, or ‘IoT’ in its broadest sense.

The key issue for government agencies, operators and the vendor community alike is – what is the nature of this demand in terms of likely volume and timing?

It would be important for most organisations, yet particularly vital for mission-critical ones, to plan for this demand rather than reacting to it in times of crisis. Therefore, TCCA’s Board, in conjunction with Omdia, decided this was important enough to conduct a comprehensive market study. The results are available to TCCA members only at this point.

It is envisaged that the insights gathered through this study could be used by agencies to help prepare themselves for this demand. That operators will be able to appropriately dimension their networks and offerings in time. And to ensure that vendor equipment can meet the operational need and be deemed fit-for-purpose.

Collateral from the market study can be accessed below.


The data-centric future of Public Safety communications – Mission Critical IoT

Presented on 21 November 2023 by Ildefonso de la Cruz, principal analyst in the Public Safety & Critical Communications Group at Omdia.

The webinar recording can be found here

The presentation slides from the webinar can be found here

The collated questions and answers from the webinar can be found here


The report ‘Strategic Mission Critical Market Assessment – Europe’ can be found here


The database ‘Strategic Mission Critical Market Assessment – Europe’ can be found here


An infographic with the highlights of the research can be downloaded here


If you would like to be involved in the expansion of this study to other regions, please contact Ildefonso de la Cruz directly

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