Mining is a rich seam for Sepura

The leading German open-cast mining company MIBRAG has chosen Sepura terminals as part of its upgrade to a digital TETRA network.  The contract is further evidence both of the increasing popularity of TETRA technology outside the public safety arena and of the appeal of the robustness, reliability and advanced feature sets that Sepura offers.

The Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft mbH, better known as MIBRAG, is one of the three largest lignite producers in Germany.  The company employs around two thousand people and operates two large open-cast mines, at Vereinigtes Schleenhain and Profen, in the states of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt respectively.  These two sites produce a total of around 19 million tonnes of lignite annually, the majority of which is used at the local Lippendorf and Schkopau power stations.

MIBRAG decided to upgrade its communications systems and replace its analogue network with a modern TETRA network.  Their aim was to ensure that all critical communications could be relied upon to be received and also to optimise their operations and business processes so that maximum efficiency was achieved.  In addition to Selex infrastructure, MIBRAG chose 430 of Sepura’s fully-featured  STP8000 hand-portables and a further 230 of the market-leading SRG3900 mobiles.  Both models are also fitted with Sepura’s highly-sensitive GPS feature.

Frank Possehl, the Project Manager for this communications project at MIBRAG commented; “The move to TETRA is an important forwards step for MIBRAG and will help us to further modernise our business processes. “

Kasper Barfoed, Sepura’s Regional Director for Northern Europe, added “Once again, our robust and feature-rich terminals have helped to win an important contract.  Sepura is already the market leader in the public safety market in Germany, but we are also seeing increasing interest from a wide range of other sectors and expect this trend to continue”.

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