Milan Municipal Police using Hytera radios

Together with its Italian partner, TP S.r.l. (Telecomunicazioni Professionali), Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH has equipped the Polizia Locale di Milano – the Milanese municipal police – with a total of 1750 new TETRA radios.

On the congested road network in the Milanese metropolitan area, tailbacks, accidents and traffic problems are a continuous challenge. The operational personnel from the Polizia Municipale have their hands full controlling and monitoring the traffic – with smooth, fast communication a critical enabler to ensure the safety of all road users, and to be able to act quickly and effectively if there is an incident.

The municipal police force has completely replaced its old radio equipment with a new fleet of Hytera TETRA portable and mobile digital radios. With 1350 handheld radios alone, predominantly the lightweight and slimline Z1p, the operational personnel now have devices that meet their requirements due to the rich feature set and design. In addition, 350 Hytera mobile radios (MT680 Plus) have been installed in the patrol vehicles, whilst the police motorcycles have also been equipped with the latest TETRA radio solution. “The customer has been impressed with Hytera, presenting the best technical solution in Milan”, says Davide Malizia, Hytera Sales Manager for Italy.

The new radios passed their first major test with distinction during a special operation when the Pope visited Milan. “In Milan, our radios are making an important contribution to policing, increasing the safety of the local population”, comments Frank Pauer, Deputy CSO at Hytera Mobilfunk.

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