Microbus announces sales of LINX handheld PC hit £1m

LINX orders hit 1m

Richard Blake, Microbus’ Sales & Marketing Director is delighted to announce that initial orders for its vehicle-first demountable PC, LINX™, has hit 1 million.

“Since LINX was launched a few months ago we’ve been overwhelmed by inquiries from all over the world. We are now in full production with LINX and we are already putting plans in place for increased production capability. The unique features of the only true vehicle-first demountable PC has certainly caught the market’s imagination and our first order of 200 units is going into Lancashire Police Service, a force who have always been at the forefront of mobile data technology.”

Stuart Fillingham, Head of ICT at Lancashire Police says: “We are looking forward to using the full functionality of LINX which we are sure will provide a major contribution to our officers on the frontline.”

LINX is the world’s first demountable PC designed for the ‘vehicle first’. The unique built-in car power management system and programmable keys on the docking station allow you to operate the ‘blues and twos’ and other peripheral devices even when LINX is out of the car.

The built in TETRA Radio Card also uniquely provides full communications over the TETRA network even when LINX is removed from the car, no strings attached!

Richard Blake says: “we are delighted at the response we have had from the market our customers can now buy a fully integrated fixed or demountable vehicle first PC from one supplier for the first time. This shows our long term commitment to be able to provide the best Mobile Data systems for all requirements.”

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