Mentura Group and Goodmill Systems Announce Strategic Cooperation to Advance Industrial Connectivity Solutions

The collaboration between Mentura Group and Goodmill Systems brings together two industry leading experts providing innovative solutions for critical communications – Mentura Group and Goodmill Systems have been pioneering in migration to mission critical broadband and have realized the potential but also the challenges related to the transition, service availability and life cycle of broadband and hybrid network environments.

The demand for network availability is increasing as more and more services and technologies rely on having robust connectivity with excellent coverage and capacity to always be available. Also, the ability to detect network issues and react to them in real-time, or even proactively, will become more important than ever.

This applies especially to critical communications networks used by public safety, where problems in the network may have serious consequences. This is also true for private networks often deployed for professional use e.g., transportation, security services, factory automation,autonomous work machines, utilities, healthcare with high expectations of availability, performance, security, and flexibility.

The collaboration between Mentura Group and Goodmill Systems will focus on developing and implementing solutions that enable seamless, secure, and reliable connectivity for industrial and mission-critical applications.

Goodmill Systems multi-channel routers ensure constant data flow in demanding conditions where always online connectivity is critical whilst the Mentura Group network monitoring solutions provide holistic view of the service availability enabling real-time or even proactive solving of connectivity problems before they impact the users.

“We are excited to announce our cooperation with Goodmill Systems,” says Mr. Sami Honkaniemi, CEO of Mentura Group. “We are constantly looking for innovative ways to help our customers to provide a service their users can trust. Goodmill Systems solutions and expertise in mobile connectivity technologies perfectly complements our capabilities, and we believe that this partnership will enable us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers in various industrial sectors.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Mentura Group,” says Mr. Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems. “Mentura Group’s deep expertise in management and monitoring of mission critical networks, combined with our robust mobile multichannel connectivity technologies, will enable us to create solutions that empower industrial organizations with reliable, secure, and efficient connectivity. We look forward to jointly developing innovative solutions that will drive the digital transformation of industrial operations.”

The collaboration between Mentura Group and Goodmill Systems will benefit industrial organizations globally. The partnership aims to enable industrial organizations to achieve higher levels of service availability, operational efficiency and to help to thrive through the transition to mission critical broadband.


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