TCCA is an Association of Members with a common interest in critical communications standards. The highest authority of the Association is the General Assembly (Annual General Meeting) which comprises of all of the voting Members.

The Association is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England and is managed by an elected Board of Directors. For the period to May 2018 the Board consists of:

Chairman Mladen Vratonjic (TCCA)
Vice Chairman Malcolm Quelch (Sepura)
Member Francesco Pasquali (Leonardo)
Member Jeppe Jepsen (Motorola Solutions)
Member Barbara Held (BDBOS)
Member Ali Helenius (Airbus DS)
Member Tero Pesonen (Virve)
Member Philippe Agard (Nokia)
Member Ari Toivonen (UK Home Office)
Non voting member: Bernt Mattsson (ETSI)

CEO: Tony Gray
Telephone + 48 692 282 883

Board Secretary: Rachael Scott +44 (0)191 231 4328
Administration: Laura Gibson +44 (0)191 231 4328

Articles of Association

In April 2016 the Board published the strategic direction of the Association for 2016-2020. It subsequently published (July 2016) related Membership Guidelines.

Strategic Direction

Membership Guidelines


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