Radio Spectrum

All mobile communications technologies require spectrum in which to operate and this applies to TETRA and any future Broadband technologies. However, spectrum is a scarce resource and the exponential growth of cellular phones, especially smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is putting regulators under extreme pressure to find new spectrum for expanded services. 

Critical Communications users are also looking to make use of data intensive applications. Examples include access to centralised databases, patient telemetry, high definition images and video streaming, telecontrol and many other applications. Rather than developing new technologies, the TCCA believes that use should be made of existing technologies and, for high speed data, LTE is an ideal transport mechanism. 

Although some services may be provided by commercial cellular operators we believe that true Mission Critical operation needs to have spectrum that is set aside for Public Safety and Security, PPDR, and for those that protect the critical national infrastructure such as the Utilities and Transport organisations. The TCCA is working with other like-minded organisations to lobby Governments and Regulators to allocate suitable spectrum, particularly below 1GHz.

At the World Radio Conference at the beginning of 2012 a proposal was made to re-assign the 700MHz spectrum for Mobile use on a co-primary basis for Region 1 (Europe, Middle East and Africa). This was accepted in principle and to become effective from 2015 onwards. Regulators are working to decide how to allocate this spectrum and to cope with the refarming that will be required. This decision represents a significant opportunity for the users of Critical Communications and the TCCA is making strong representations to the CEPT, European Commission and other relevant bodies to have some of that spectrum allocated for our users.


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