MCX specialist Cybertel Bridge joins TCCA

MCX specialist Cybertel Bridge joins TCCA

Wednesday 6 March 2024: Mission critical services (MCX) specialist Cybertel Bridge has joined TCCA, the member-driven global organisation for the advancement of critical communications worldwide – established in 2000, Cybertel Bridge is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, where the company designs and produces MCX solutions and devices.

An innovator in SIP-based mission critical communications, Cybertel Bridge holds 13 patents in VoIP/Push-to-Talk services. The company commercially launched Push to Video service for the Republic of Korea Air Force in 2012, and since 2016, in partnership with a global network vendor, has developed and deployed MCX solutions to 3GPP open standards specifications.

Cybertel Bridge deploys large scale projects such as South Korea’s public safety communications network, private communication networks for the Air Force and South Korean Navy ships, and integrated wireless communication networks for railways.

“It is with much pleasure that we welcome Cybertel Bridge to TCCA’s international member community,” said TCCA CEO Kevin Graham. “We wish the team much success with the 3GPP MCX solutions and services they are evolving for the benefit of critical communications end users. Their ongoing participation in the ETSI MCX Plugtests™ demonstrates their support for 3GPP MCX open standards – it is wonderful to see the MCX ecosystem expanding.”

Within its Working Groups, interoperability and certification programs, and via its world-leading Critical Communications World event, TCCA members and partners set the agenda for the global development of critical communications.

About Cybertel Bridge

After more than 20 years of developing communication software, Cybertel Bridge has established itself as a R&D leader in telecommunication solutions by devoting itself to core IP PTT (Push to Talk) technologies. At a time when public safety emerged as a national concern, the company has grown into an ICT innovator by commercializing and supplying LTE-based radio solutions and smartphones dedicated to PTT to government, institutions, and corporates. For more information please visit


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