MCCResources launches 4th web portal for the PMR and (Critical) Communications Industry.

The Push2Talk Portal is the first regional web portal covering PMR (critical) communications in Belgium and The Netherlands.

The Hague 18 June 2013 – MCCResources, the company that has launched web portals discussing (critical) communications technologies such as: TETRA/DMR and recently TelDaC, the web portal covering the Telecom, Cloud, Data and Subsea Industry announced today that it has successfully launched its latest web portal that is focused on the PMR (critical) communications industry. The new web portal is MCCResource’s first regional web portal and will be focused on the PMR (critical) communications industry in Belgium and The Netherlands.

The web portal, named: offers a wide range of information for communication specialists working in the (critical) communications environment and will display a variety of information on communications technologies like; TETRA, TETRAPOL, DMR, dPMR, IDAS, NEXEDGE, etc.

The Push2Talk Portal will showcase the most active companies on PMR within the Netherlands and Belgium in the 24/7 online exhibition area and more information will be shared on: new job vacancies, white papers, photo’s video’s poll’s, PMR Industry reports and most important; daily updated news from within the industry, written in Dutch as well as in English language. As the PMR web portal is “work in progress”, every day new companies, solutions, news, and other data is added.

Gert Jan Wolf – Director and founder of MCCResources “Until now we have found no other online web portal delivering daily updated information about the PMR communications industry in The Netherlands and Belgium. As currently many organizations are migrating their old analogue networks to new digital standards, we thought it would be a good initiative to support them in their search for information with our portal”.

Just like the previous launched web portals, Social Media (YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn) are fully integrated in the new website in order to enable quick and efficient communications as well as the possibility to share information.

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