Masked masts reduce environmental impact

Airwave, the leading provider of critical voice and data communications to public service organisations in Great Britain, has installed two masts that have been sensitively designed to blend in to their environments.

According to Martin Benke, Airwave’s UK Network Services Director: “As a responsible company, Airwave endeavors to ensure that all mast installations are screened and blend in with their environment. We take particular care to work with the relevant authorities on design when operating in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), national parks, and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).”

A road sign is in fact a four-metre high mast at the summit of Snake Pass in Derbyshire. With its supporting equipment, generator and diesel tank buried in an underground chamber, the mast is sympathetic to its surroundings.

“The site is in an area of protected natural beauty, so we took great care to make the TETRA mast blend in to its surroundings as much as possible. Feedback from local groups, including the Friends of the Peak District, has been really positive. Derbyshire Constabulary has also supported the project since its inception,” says Martin.

Another mast disguised as a mountain rock can be located in the Snowdonia National Park on the Llŷn Peninsula in Wales.

Airwave worked with the Snowdonia National Park, local planning authority and the Countryside Council for Wales to come up with a suitable solution. It was agreed that the best solution was to disguise the transmission equipment inside a specially-designed “rock” made out of fiberglass.

“This approach ensured that our equipment is camouflaged to match the surroundings, and does not impact the beauty of the national park. It’s been a challenging and quite often frustrating process, but we were determined to succeed!”



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