Managing radio fleets just got easier with Sepura’s Radio Manager 2

25th May 2011: Sepura will be using the 2011 TETRA World Congress to launch a significant upgrade to its already market-leading Radio Manager radio programming and management tool. The launch will extend still further Sepuras technology leadership in this arena and will provide end-users across sectors such as public safety, military, utilities and transport with enhanced functionality for the management of their radio fleets.

The additions that have been made in Radio Manager 2 are significant. The completely new user interface makes navigation significantly quicker and is designed to provide a look and feel with which many PC users are familiar. The new Application Programming Interface (API) is also critical. It enables a wide variety of third party applications, such as asset databases or access control systems, to interface directly with Radio Manager 2, thus allowing even greater functionality in terms of management and control. With the future-proofing of an all new platform, the combined package marks a significant step forwards in radio fleet management.

Sepuras Radio Manager is designed to make life easier for radio users and radio system / fleet managers worldwide, as it enables them to manage their fleets from a central location and in a controlled but sophisticated manner. Radio Manager customers are able to make significant time and resource savings by programming multiple radios simultaneously and they are also able to ensure that radios issued are mapped against individual users roles, so that operational efficiency and integrity is maintained. Health and safety is, naturally, also a prime concern and so the traceability and audit trail for updates is also a key benefit that Radio Manager offers users.

Commenting on the launch of Radio Manager 2, Jens Thorstrup, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sepura commented, We were already well ahead of the market with the functionality and benefits that our existing programming tool offered. Radio Manager 2 takes us to a new level and will help our customers to both save even more time and money and improve their operational efficiency still further.

Phil Woodley, Product Manager at Sepura added, The functionality and ease of navigation that we have added are all as a result of gathering feedback from channel partners and end-users around the world. This has helped us to launch a product which takes us still further ahead of the market.

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