Major Chinese city’s police force chooses Sepura

Major Chinese city’s police force chooses Sepura

Singapore, 25thMay 2010 – Sepura announces at the TETRA World Congress 2010 thecontract win for the supply of TETRA radios to the Futian District’s Police Force in the city ofShenzhen in China. This prestigious sales win was achieved in conjunction with ShenzhenXinghuo Electronic Engineering Co. Sepura’s valued Chinese partner.

Futian is one of Shenzhen city’s seven districts;it is the new business district and is home toShenzhen’s City Hallwhich hosts the city’s municipal government.Sepura will supply Futian police with STP hand-portable and SRG gateway* repeater**vehicle TETRA radios. Futian’s police force will benefit from the radios’ powerful 1.8 Wattoutput power which, by extending communication coverage, will deliver the reliablecommunications on which all police operations rely. The police force from the city ofShenzhen will also draw extensive benefits from the gateway and repeater functions inSepura’s mobile radios; in particular the gateway’s 10 Watts RF transmitting power, willensure that vital communication access is maintained in emergency situations.

One of the main factors determining Sepura’s success in this high profile tender with ShenzhenPolice was the availability of all Sepura terminals in the 350MHz frequency band: in fact Sepurais the only TETRA manufacturer whose radios are available in all frequency bands and operateon all TETRA infrastructures. In addition, from a product standpoint, the Futian District PoliceForce was also very impressed with the radios’ enhanced colour user interface whosetransflective display is visible in all lighting conditions and is common to all Sepura terminals.

Boo Eng Khoo, Deputy Regional Sales Director for Sepura in the APAC region commented: “Weare honoured to receive the first order for TETRA radios from Shenzhen Police. We worked veryhard with our local partner and the Futian District Police to ensure our radios exceeded theexpectations of Shenzhen’s evaluating authorities. In fact, I strongly believe that we owe oursuccess not only to our established and market-leading products, but also to our talent forunderstanding our customers’ operational requirements and delivering the most appropriatelevels of support. In addition, our local after sales support, coupled with local manufacturingenables us to offer all our Chinese customers an exceptional life cycle support”.Kevin Graham, Regional Sales Director for Sepura concluded “Singapore and the 12th

TETRA World Congress are the ideal location and forum for this significant announcementfor Sepura. This success is an important milestone in the confidence and recognition that ourradios deserve in the Chinese market. In addition, our established presence in China and theAPAC region, strengthened by our successful manufacturing and distribution partners,places us in the privileged position to be able to provide all our customers in the Asiancontinent with a high level, one-stop-shop service”.Futian district has a population of about 1 million andis home to many high-rises which includesome of the most prestigious buildings in the city. It is mainly a residential district and isknown as “The hub of living in Shenzhen”.

*The gateway acts as a relay point for both hand-held and other vehicle radios, extendingthe trunked network into areas of limited coverage or network dead spots usually foundinside buildings, deep inside tunnels or in remote rural locations.

**The repeater allows multiple direct mode users to exchange voice and data messagesreliably over a wider area, and in areas with no existing network coverage.

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