Major breakthrough for Dantherm Power

Major breakthrough for Dantherm Power

Dantherm Power, through its affiliate, Dantherm Air Handling, is to be the first company in the world to provide backup power based on hydrogen and fuel cell technology for a complete, nationwide public safety network also referred to as a Tetra network.

Dantherm Air Handling has received an order for Denmark’s new public safety network, SINE, which includes delivery of a large number of its outdoor cabinets with cooling together with hydrogen and fuel cell based power backup from Dantherm Power.

The terror threat has led to a greater need in Denmark, as in other countries, for a public safety network with reliable backup power. The network has to ensure that the various authorities are always able to maintain contact with each other in any emergency situation, such as a major accident or event. The SINE network will consist of approx. 450 sites spread throughout Denmark.

“This order for the SINE network is simply ideal for us”, says Mr Per Albk, CEO for Dantherm Air Handling and Dantherm Power. “It provides a stamp of approval for the use of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in mission critical installations. This is not just a telecommunications network, but a public safety network, subject to even stricter equipment requirements. Our systems, as a world first, will be supplying all critical sites across an entire country, and have to be able to keep the network operational for a publically undisclosed period of time following a major power disruption”.

The systems used for the SINE network will use fuel-cell stacks from the world’s leading producer, Ballard, in Canada.

“We see hydrogen and fuel cell based backup systems as being fully competitive with traditional backup systems technologically”, says Mr Albk. “This is an exciting order for us, as we expect many emergency networks and telecommunications operators to follow the example of using backup power based on hydrogen and fuel cells over the next few years”.

Since its inception in January 2007, Dantherm Power has seen exciting growth, with an order from Canadian energy company, BC Hydro, and the establishment of Dantherm Power Inc. in USA in September. “This order for the Danish SINE network highlights the fact that the technology has now matured to the point where practical application issues and economic factors have been resolved”, says Mr Per Albk.

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