Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Secures Operations with Sepura

Lyon-Saint Exupry Airport Secures Operations with Sepura

Lyon-Saint Exupry Airport has selected Sepura TETRA terminals for its radio and communication needs following the recent deployment of a new digital communications system that replaced four legacy analogue networks. Alongside seamless voice and data communications for operational, public safety and security staff, the new shared TETRA network delivers impressive lone-worker protection thanks to the ability to locate every single terminal operating on the network in real time.

Worker safety is a primary consideration for the airport, which needs to meet stringent safety standards in a variety of operational environments, including its secured parking areas. Sepura’s STP8000 hand-held radios, together with SYSOCO’s DIGICompact TETRA System and DIGIProtect over TETRA network tracking solutions, deliver the pitch-perfect outdoor and in-indoor radio localisation, real-time guard tour management and man-down capabilities needed to ensure workers are protected at all times and regardless of their location.
“From janitorial services to ground crews, communication is at the heart of operational excellence”, confirmed Pierre Letta, Marketing Director for SYSOCO. “Many of Lyon-Saint Exupry Airport personnel work in hazardous or mission-critical environments and the airport control dispatching centre needs to track their every movement so they get assistance to them instantly, if required, and coordinate actions”.

Lyon-Saint Exupry Airport’s technical staff selected the Sepura STP8000 hand held radio because of its superior sound quality – which ensures workers can communicate whatever the background noise – and its robustness. In addition, the radio incorporates important security and safety features such as GPS positioning, an emergency button, and motion sensing technology that generates automatic man-down alerts. A part of the airport’s fleet of Sepura STP8000 radios will be used with DIGIBox, a special device developed by SYSOCO incorporating an additional radio location board for indoor tracking and guard tour services.

Located 25 kilometres east of Lyon, and covering an area of 2,000 hectares, the Lyon-Saint Exupry Airport handles around 8 million passengers a year. The Sepura STP8000 radios will be deployed to a variety of teams across the airport site to keep operations running smoothly, including baggage handling, engineering and fire and rescue, as well as security personnel.

The ability to locate every single TETRA radio in use will enable the airport to improve the management and safety of its resources, giving controllers the ability to locate the position of airport vehicles – where mobile radios are installed – as well as individual personnel carrying the hand-portables. To ensure pinpoint in-building accuracy at all times, over 150 radio beacons are being installed across the airport’s indoor areas.

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