Lyfo Net connects mission-critical organisations to the strongest network

Lyfo Net connects mission-critical organisations to the strongest network

Lyfo.NET ensures that mobile devices always automatically use the strongest 4G/5G
connection at a certain location. Triple-9’s new service is unique because the SIM card allows a
mobile device to switch between the networks of multiple mobile operators. The solution works
on the mobile networks of all mobile providers in Europe and is ideally suited for companies
and organisations with mission-critical and business-critical processes. Lyfo.NET is
immediately available through operators, distributors and other ICT service providers.

Mobile data is crucial for companies and organisations in the public order & security sector,
government services, security, water boards, industry and sectors where guaranteed constant access
to mobile data is essential. Nevertheless, there are places in Europe where the network coverage of
one mobile operator is better than that of another. Until now, it was impossible to switch quickly and
reliably between mobile networks within national borders. “About two years ago we introduced the
Windows version of Lyfo.NET, and now we can finally announce that Lyfo.NET is also available for
Android”, says Triple-9 CEO Maurits Zandbergen. “This means that ‘always connected’ becomes a
fact for mobile phones as well as tablets and laptops. When every second counts, Triple-9 ensures
mobile network availability.”

Highest service levels
Lyfo.NET ensures that the SIM card of a mobile device always has a reliable mobile connection with
the highest service levels and an availability of 99.999 percent. This is what users in the public order &
security sector are asking for, explains Zandbergen. “With the automatic network selection, Lyfo.NET
will always find a mobile network with good coverage. Operators can activate the Lyfo.NET application
remotely and on multiple devices at the same time with an applet on the SIM card. IT administrators of
organisations using Lyfo.NET do not have to do anything.”
Triple-9 has developed special software that continuously manages and analyses network connections
in terms of signal level, latency and availability. Based on the Network Quality Indicator (NQI),
Lyfo.NET always decides which of the available mobile networks can best be used. Switching
networks creates a two-second interruption. The current version of the Lyfo.NET uses data traffic, so
conversations via applications such as Microsoft Teams are also possible with virtually no interruption.

Dutch Pilots
Lyfo.NET has been working on Windows and Linux for two years now, so laptops and Microsoft
Surface tablets can already use the service. The application is in use with several customers including
the Dutch Pilots. Pilots use a Microsoft Surface when navigating between locations. “A stable network
connection is crucial for the safety of pilots”, says Zandbergen. “But they also need a stable internet
connection to get an overall picture of a situation and to have access to data such as water levels,
wind power and traffic movements.”

Triple-9 is a 100 percent Dutch software company and makes Lyfo.NET immediately available through
licence for (mobile) operators, distributors and other ICT service providers. Triple-9 works entirely with
a sales channel and offers partners a monthly recurring fee. “Our strategy is to offer this solution to the
market through a distribution model. There is great interest from (inter)national mobile providers and
from the public order & safety sector in the Benelux and Germany”, says Zandbergen. “Because
Lyfo.NET is suitable for every SIM card worldwide, we are now preparing for a breakthrough in 2021.
So we are looking forward to finding mobile operators and distributors who will help us make our
dream with Triple-9 come true.”

For more information about this press release or about the services of Triple-9, please contact:
Maurits Zandbergen, phone: 0031 6 316 332 95

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