Technologies must come together and integrate now to tackle increasingly complex challenges within PMR, urges ETELM Director

Cologne, Germany, 22 November 2016 – Nicolas Hauswald, Sales and Marketing Director of ETELM, a leading manufacturer of advanced Mission Critical communications systems, says LTE should offer additional broadband services but not replace TETRA. Instead, the two technologies should come together in a unified way, on the LTE Core as an open, international standard platform and work alongside other technologies to enhance legacy solutions in a bid to tackle the challenges posed by PMR.

Speaking at the PMR Expo, Nicolas Hauswald said: “We are currently in a transition period within the PMR sector. Consider the stagnation of the global TETRA market, coupled with the fact we are still in the very early stages of LTE market adoption.

“Until now, the industry has been speculating as to whether LTE will replace TETRA, or run with it. What we’re seeing today is a clear need for the two technologies to come together in a unified way, on a common platform, along with other technologies to update ageing, and increasingly outdated, legacy systems.”

Two years ago, in 2014, ETELM developed and successfully launched its 4G Linked portfolio, a range of revolutionary products designed for the radio communications market, that links both Narrowband and Broadband into a single, fully distributed core network. The solution is unique in that it enables standard TETRA, DMR, Analogue and P25 base stations to directly connect to the same LTE core network as 4G eNodeB cell equipment, avoiding the need for black boxes or gateways.

Earlier this month ETELM launched its new eNodeB LTE base station, the e-LBS, which boasts the longest reach ever developed for PMR 4G technology worldwide. The new LTE base station is a major breakthrough for LTE technology in Mission Critical applications, giving operators the ability to boost their coverage areas from existing locations.

ETELM President, Pierre Minot added: “The new challenges of PMR and the resulting transition period has given us time to grow, strengthen and future-proof the company. We have moved to a new, bigger office, hired new staff in sales and development and launched the 4G Linked family, which we’ve had very positive feedback on since introducing it to market.

“The recent launch of the e-LBS further strengthens our position and our visionary approach to connect all PMR technologies on an LTE EPC core to fit within the ever-changing market ecosystem. For example, because of LTE, operators are now playing a strategic role in the deployment and operation of Mission Critical solutions.”

If you’d like to know more about 4G Linked and e-LBS, ETELM will be exhibiting with its partner BESCOM at this year’s PMR Expo (22-24 November, 2016 in Cologne, Germany) in Hall 10.2, Stand F01. For further information, please visit

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