London Airport one of first sales wins for Sepura’s new STP8000 radio

London Airport one of first sales wins for Sepura’s new STP8000 radio

London’s Heathrow Airport is one of the first United Kingdom sales wins for Sepura’s latest digital TETRA radio the STP8000.

The radios are included in a new TETRA digital communications service, known as AR-en, being offered to customers by AirRadio, which owns and manages communication networks at most major UK airports. The radios will be supplied through Sepura’s distribution partner, Team Simoco.

Heathrow will be the single largest TETRA network dedicated to commercial use in the UK. This new network plans to fully exploit the use of data applications for the end users’ operational processes.

The new STP8000 radios are exceptionally robust, ideal to withstand the harsh working environment of an airport, where radios face particularly rough treatment from users. The radios’ high transmitter power will ensure that all difficult locations have radio coverage; this, together with very high audio output, provides exceptional clear communications, in an environment where ambient noise levels are understandably very high.

The large, high resolution screen on the STP8000, coupled with its standard Micro SD Memory Card, will assist in Air Radio’s commitment to introduce data applications to its clientele at the airport. The adoption of a variety of data applications is expected to streamline staff operations on the ground. The STP8000 also has optional built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which will be used for data transfer to a variety of hand-held data devices and, in audio mode, to wireless noise cancelling headsets, which are used in extremely noisy conditions alongside aircraft.

The STP8000 is supported by Sepura’s specially designed Remote Speaker Microphone, with or without an antenna, enhancing performance.

David Taylor, Director, Business Development, said: “This radio provides a unique combination of toughness allied to cutting-edge technology, to enhance the airport communications and efficiency. We are delighted we have been selected by AirRadio, to provide our new TETRA terminal for the UK’s largest airport.”

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