LINX® Approval for use on the ASTRID network

LINX Approval for use on the ASTRID network

Microbus is delighted to announce that, with our partner ABIOM, approval has been granted for our LINX Tablet PC for police use on the ASTRID network.

ASTRID is the nationwide TETRA operator for all of the public safety and emergency services in Belgium so the approval of the LINX Tablet PC opens up a huge amount of opportunities for deployment of this versatile portable tablet computer throughout the current users of the network.

LINX Tablet PC offers the benefits of flexible working to all vehicle-based users and provides unique benefits to all of the Public Safety organisations. It is specifically designed to support a wide range of commonly used applications such as despatching tools, like those currently being used by the Belgium Federal Police, which use small amounts of data over the ASTRID network.

The LINX Tablet PC has already attracted considerable interest among the police, fire and ambulance sectors and Microbus and ABIOM are fully equipped to support these markets.

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