LIG-MÓBILE installs a Teltronic TETRA system in Brasilia

LIG-M”BILE installs a Teltronic TETRA system in Brasilia

The Brazilian operator of trunking systems LIG-M”BILE has started heading towards TETRA, byinstallinga TELTRONIC NEBULAsystem serving the city of Brasilia.

Zaragoza, December 2nd of 2006: Teltronic provides a NEBULAsystem to LIG M”BILE. The main customer is, among others, the Military Police of the Brazilian Federal Capital, who are currently users of the LTR system operated by LIG – M”BILE.

This project is basically focused onprovidingthe city of Brasilia Public Safety and Security users withthe benefits that TETRA technology offers.

Besides theNEBULATETRA system, the technology supplied by TELTRONIC includes mobile, portable and fixed terminals, as well as a CAD Centre for the management and co-ordination of emergencies.

With this contract, Teltronic consolidates its position as a leader in the supply of TETRA equipment developed for the safety sector. There are now many references of customers such as Police of Ro de Janeiro, Airport of Brasilia or Vale do Ro Doce Company.

About Teltronic
Teltronic is aSpanish company andhas been operating on the international market for more than thirty years, supplying professional mobile communication systems and equipment for police, firemen, ports, airports etc. above all, for persons who have to cope with emergency situations.

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