Licensed Mobile Radio Accessories Market Measured for the First Time: Worth More Than $1 billion

Wellingborough, UK 11 October 2012 – For the first time, IMS Research, recently acquired by IHS Inc. (NYSE:IHS) has measured the market for licensed mobile radio (LMR) accessories and confirmed it is worth more than $1 billion.

According to IMS Research’s recently published study, LMR Accessories – World – 2012, the market for LMR batteries, chargers, antennas, speaker microphones, headsets, tactical headsets and surveillance kits was worth an estimated $1.25 billion in 2011 and is the company forecasts the market to grow year-on-year to 2016.

Deryn Evans, mobile radio market analyst at IMS Research, states: “Although it has been known to many of those in the LMR industry that accessories are a significant component of the LMR market, the accessories market has never before been examined and measured in its own right. IMS Research believes this to be the only study ever published that is solely dedicated to LMR accessories and has confirmed and quantified what has long been suspected: accessories for radios are a big business.

”Such information is not unexpected, given the size of the LMR user base around the world. Each radio in this user base requires a battery, charger and antenna to function as a minimum and may also use additional audio accessories.”

The study examined the use of accessories and uncovered the factors and events that are having an impact on the types of accessories used by each end user group and analysed the market in each country. The research suggested developments in the migration from analogue to digital LMR solutions; economic and social affairs; technology advances and user groups’ methods of operation are just some of the factors projected to have an impact on LMR accessory sales in the next five years.

With a market that is set to increase, IMS Research expects to see this market “hot” up in the coming quarters as both international LMR manufacturers and localised specialist accessories suppliers look to increase their market share and capitalise on the impact of the latest trends.

IMS Research’s recently published report LMR Accessories – World – 2012 assesses the market for licensed mobile radio accessories by providing detailed shipment and revenue analysis by country/region and vertical application area, and provides in-depth commentary of the factors affecting the market in each country.


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