Leonardo is the technological partner of Fondazione Cortina for the protection of the Alpine Ski World Championships

Leonardo is the technological partner of Fondazione Cortina for the protection of the Alpine Ski World Championships

Leonardo, a worldwide leader in security, aerospace and defence, is the technological partner of Cortina 2021 Foundation to ensure the safety of the Alpine Ski World Championships with the aim of competing according to the highest safety standards for the six hundred athletes from 70 different countries.

Safety first of all and not only for the athletes but also for the operators, the community and the territory affected by the event. A teamwork where performance, challenge, competition and technological innovation find their natural element of complementarity in the values ​​of the sport event.

For the protection of the Alpine Ski World Championships, Leonardo put in place a high-tech solution bespoke to the event, with advanced video-surveillance and video-analysis capabilities based on artificial intelligence, on field data collection, real time analysis and classification of information collected by sensors and 30 high-definition cameras deployed at the event sites.

A dedicated RIM (Rete Ibrida Multi-Vettore) radio network is made available as well on the territory, organized into 12 sites to ensure safe and reliable communications thanks to both narrowband and broadband technologies for the effective coordination of security activities and interventions in emergency conditions. The radio communication system is interoperable and fully integrated thanks to the Leonardo Core Network.

The technology is implemented by our team of expert technicians and operators, on site to train and technically assist the staff who, 24 hours a day, will supervise the event for its entire duration.

Leonardo has always nurtured the culture of security and, thanks to the experience gained in several technological domains, can propose a global and complete security paradigm against hybrid threats and critical events which involve not only the physical world, but even the digital one. Two realities now increasingly interconnected because of the growing process of digitization of our society and the increasingly pervasive presence of technology in our daily lives.

Leonardo’s radio communications solutions are used in over 50 Countries around the world.

In addition to Cortina 2021, Leonardo has been the technological partner for the safety of major events including G7 in Taormina in 2017, Expo 2015, G8 in L’Aquila in 2009, and in particular for major sport events such as 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2014, Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, 2013 Cycling World Championships, 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

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