Leading TETRA manufacturer, TELTRONIC partners with Malaysia’s SAPURA Secured Technologies to develop the critical communications solutions of the future

Following the recent signing of a comprehensive framework agreement, TELTRONIC will work together with SAPURA to build the largest TETRA network outside Europe and develop innovative next-generation solutions

February 15, 2012 – The Malaysian firm SAPURA Secured Technologies has awarded TELTRONIC with a contract to supply a wide-area TETRA network which will provide coverage to the Kuala Lumpur region and other territories across Malaysia. The initial network design includes 112 site base stations and two redundant switching control nodes. In addition, TELTRONIC will supply three inter-system nodes to provide seamless communications with the existing nationwide TETRA network managed by SAPURA. The project, which incorporates the strictest mission-critical requirements and the highest possible service availability, is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

Besides the TETRA network supply contract, SAPURA and TELTRONIC have agreed to collaborate in the field of specialized mission-critical LTE solutions via a long-term joint development program. The 3GPP LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard is emerging as the preferred technology for future, high-speed mobile broadband services.

SAPURA and TELTRONIC have also undertaken a joint initiative to set up a local TETRA Centre of Competence in Malaysia for the benefit of existing and future users of TELTRONIC equipment across the Asia-Pacific region. In turn, a commercial cooperation framework has also been agreed which will result in a closer integration of TELTRONIC and SAPURA core technologies to address a wide range of user requirements.

“We are proud to partner with a company of the caliber and prestige of SAPURA Secured Technologies to develop a wide range of joint technological and commercial activities in one of the most important emerging regions in the world”, said Jose M. Martin, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of TELTRONIC. “Supplying a cutting-edge TETRA network which allows seamless communications and roaming with SAPURA’s legacy TETRA network is only a first step of our cooperation with SAPURA”.

“With this collaboration, the Malaysian TETRA network will be the first nationwide network to seamlessly integrate multi-vendor platforms. The resulting technology from the joint development with Teltronic can be utilized by other TETRA network operators around the world to have the flexibility in selecting the best solution that brings the greatest benefits to the users”, stated Mohd Zarif Hashim, Chief Executive Officer of SAPURA Secured Technologies.

Due to the continued significant growth of TELTRONIC business in the region in recent times, matched by the positive projections for the future, the company has appointed Chang Hyun Kim as Sales Director for Asia-Pacific and Gabriel Solana as VP of Sales Support for the region. Both appointments are seen as strengthening TELTRONIC’s resources at its Singapore office. Oscar Fernandez, VP International Sales in charge of Asia-Pacific, has assumed new responsibilities in Latin America, another key hotspot in the mobile radio business.

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