Leading mission critical recording solutions providers Eventide join global critical communications organisation TCCA

Leading mission critical recording solutions providers Eventide join global critical communications organisation TCCA

Tuesday 31 October 2023: Eventide, world leading manufacturers of critical voice, video, data and multi domain recording solutions, have announced membership of TCCA, the global member-led organisation for all stakeholders in the critical communications ecosystem.

Eventide’s mission-critical recording solutions are trusted by customers worldwide to capture, secure and reconstruct their most important interactions. The US-based company’s NexLog DX-Series™ IP-based communications recording systems have been specifically designed for mission critical 24/7 operation in emergency call-taking, dispatch, air traffic management and other critical communications environments including public and private utilities, government, security, prison services, transportation, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing and healthcare.

The NexLog DX-Series recording solutions are the culmination of more than 30 years of mission-critical recording experience. The DX-Series continues the NexLog tradition of reliability and ease-of-use while focusing on Digital Transformation (DX) to meet tomorrow’s needs, with expanded solution architectures as well as enhanced security, scalability and integrations.

“We are excited to be joining TCCA, it is a logical step in continuing our long tradition of supporting open standards, from operating system platforms through interoperability of multiple system platforms in mission critical ecosystems,” said Brad Basile, Eventide Communications COO.  “We look forward to working with the TCCA community as the present standards evolve in the coming years.”

“The recording of interactions on critical communication networks has always been a vital facility. Multi domain logging and recall is now essential as networks evolve beyond narrowband voice and data services to MCX broadband and video,” said Kevin Graham, TCCA CEO. “TCCA is delighted to welcome Eventide to our global critical communications community and looks forward to the knowledge the Eventide team can share with all given their expertise in this important part of the critical communications ecosystem.”

Within its Working Groups, interoperability and certification programmes, and via its world-leading Critical Communications World event, TCCA members and partners set the agenda for the global development of critical communications.

About Eventide

Eventide are world leading manufacturers of critical voice, video, data & multi domain recording solutions with 30 years of experience building and supporting Critical Voice, Data and System Communication Loggers. We have more than 8,000 systems deployed around the world in mission critical environments with the majority in Public Safety, Utilities, Resources, Transport, Airlines, Airports & Healthcare applications. For more information please visit https://www.eventidecommunications.com/

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