Leading location navigation systems provider Syntony GNSS joins TCCA

Leading location navigation systems provider Syntony GNSS joins TCCA

TCCA, the global representative body for the critical communications ecosystem, is pleased to announce that Syntony GNSS has become a member. With offices in France, USA and Canada, Syntony designs and manufactures GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) products, including GNSS receivers and simulators dedicated to mission critical applications, transportation and aerospace and defence.

According to an industry report[1], the global GNSS simulators market size is set to grow from USD 106 million in 2020 to USD 165 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period. Various factors such as rapid penetration of consumer IoT, the contribution of 5G in enabling ubiquitous connectivity, and increasing use of wearable devices utilising location information are expected to drive the adoption of the GNSS simulators hardware, software, and services.

Syntony GNSS manufactures SubWAVE™, a solution that enables GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to work underground. This allows emergency call location in underground tunnels and stations from any smartphone and provides the location of any first responder stakeholder using a compatible P25 or TETRA receiver, providing critical safety services.

SubWAVE is typically deployed in underground subway networks (stations and tunnels) – SubWAVE covers 100% of the underground stations of the Stockholm subway for example – underground road and rail tunnels, underground parking, and in the mining industry.

“We invented SubWAVE to save lives: to be able to precisely locate a firefighter inside a tunnel for example is critical to his or her safety, and this is what our system does. Also, being able to pinpoint the location of emergency calls made from road or rail tunnels will enhance first responders’ ability to provide assistance and rescue. We are very proud to become a member of TCCA, whose DNA is focused on life saving through critical communications,” said Joel Korsakissok, Syntony’s President and founder.

“Reliable GPS/GNSS coverage in underground and denied locations like subways, rail and road tunnels and mining is now an essential requirement for emergency services and asset operator personnel navigation and response as well as citizen safety,” said Kevin Graham, TCCA CEO. “General citizens and many businesses now rely on GPS/GNSS signals for their navigation and tracking use cases. We welcome the expertise of Syntony GNSS to enhance knowledge within TCCA of this critical area and look forward to working with Joel and his team.”

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