Latin American Forestry Production Becomes Integrated and More Secure Through Innovative Service Model

Operations in Brazil and Chile will be connected via a single and more secure network, as a managed service operated by Motorola Solutions 

  • In Brazil, the solution will help optimize operations throughout more than 53,000 km2 in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, providing better communication quality and coverage in this large area
  • The managed services agreement includes the deployment, operation and management of the digital network and TETRA mobile and portable terminals from Motorola Solutions

SÃO PAULOMay 4, 2016 –Following the announcement of the expansion of Forestal Mininco´s  communication system in Chile, CMPC – one of the leaders in Latin America in the production and commercialization  of forestry products, paper and cellulose — has selected  Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) to help streamline its production processes and ensure reliable communications between the Brazilian subsidiary’s operations in emergency situations. With this implementation, CMPC achieves complete coverage throughout the forests, as well as in all the trucks and cranes.

The solution is part of a completely innovative managed services model, which for an initial period of 10 years will connect the communication systems of Brazil and Chile through a single, integrated network. The dispatch center of the operation in both countries will be based in Chile and will enable the advanced connectivity of services and resources in key points of the two locations. In emergency situations, workers will now have an always-available system through its own digital communications network. 

The integration of the operations of the digital voice and data systems will allow the execution of different tasks such as queries to databases, the submission of reports, photos and forms and the transfer of files in real time, improving the productivity of forest management. For instance, trucks, cars and cranes will be monitored daily, allowing a better control of crops, processes and raw material transportation to reduce fuel costs and machinery downtime. Through this digital system, it will be possible to communicate from one terminal to various devices, simplifying the task of managing a group of simultaneous users.   

The system will cover an area of approximately 53.000 km2 along the State of Rio Grande do Sul through 12 repeater sites and a TETRA digital communication network supported by terminals, including mobile radios installed in vehicles used by workers.  Motorola Solutions will be responsible for comprehensive operation of the mission-critical communication system provided as a managed service.

“Thanks to the alliance with Motorola Solutions, we can focus on our main activity, improving flexibility and reducing communications-related problems“ said José Luiz Bazzo, forestry operations manager at CMPC.

Chile Operation

The expansion of Forestal Mininco’s system in Chile includes more radio frequency sites, applications, portable devices and two sites connected to the system via satellite links spanning an area over 70,000 km2. This system supports a number of Motorola Solutions’ high-tech innovations, such as the TETRA messaging application, which enables for instance lighthouse keepers to deliver weather data, such as air humidity, wind and rainfall, from radios in the forest to the dispatch center. The data is then analyzed to generate forecasts and statistics, predict the behavior of fires and used to develop action plans.

So far, the deployment of Motorola Solutions technology and services enabled traffic over the communication network to double, as well as integration of new services such as telephony, text messaging and mobile data. Through a new fleet management application for instance, radios in the field can be tracked, improving security in the forest while saving time and fuel, reducing the environmental impact of Forestal Mininco’s operations.

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