Keukenhof in Holland decides for DAMM’s TetraFlex®

Keukenhof in Holland decides for DAMM’s TetraFlex

October 2009 – Damm Cellular Systems A/S has through its appointed System Partner FLASH Netherlands Ltd. been awarded the contract to deploy a TetraFlex system for the world famous yearly flower exhibition at the Keukenhof Park in Lisse.

The event attracts hundreds of thousands visitors and has the attention of the media worldwide through the two month of opening per year. With its 800 employees, it is a big challenge for the management at Keukenhof planning and coordinating such a big event.

Park Manager Ton Aker from Keukenhof states: “Absolutely nothing must go wrong during the opening hours, because with so many people in the park at the same time there is a potential for things to really go wrong”.

The need for a secure and reliable communication platform combined with a simple and user friendly interface to meet the challenges made the decision of TetraFlex an easy choice for the management at Keukenhof.

With the excellent coverage across the whole site, and the ability of flexible grouping to create and assign groups in line with the requested operations within a short time, the needs of the Keukenhof management seemed to be fulfilled.

Now security and first aid crews, service and maintenance staffs and employees managing the daily services from car parking and sales to cleaning and polishing are all connected to the very same system. Although the deployed TetraFlex solution in Keukenhof Park covers a wide range of professions, the unique organization and planning, granted levels of priority and specific services offered for each single group made the unique integration between public saftey and commercialized activities a smart and yet comprehensive solution for the management at Keukenhof.

Also the challenge of the very strict check on the system carried out by the Royal Security Services, due to the regularly royal visits, was perfectly met by the TetraFlex system.

Khaled A. Karim from Damm Cellular Systems A/S states: “The simplicity, flexibility and user-friendly approach again proves the strengths of TetraFlex as a reliable and feature rich TETRA solution for both public safety operations and commercialized tasks at the very same time. It is indeed a pleasure to witness the continuing growth of costumers within the private sector in Holland adapting the TetraFlex solution for their daily operations”

FLASH is also proud of the awarded contract which marks yet a milestone on the way conquering the private and commercialized sector in the Netherlands with DAMMs TetraFlex solution.

FLASH has since 2006 been a close System Partner to Damm Cellular Systems A/S in the Netherlands and holds today a leading position within the TETRA market for amongst others the Industrial, Petro Chemical and Private business.

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