Kaliningrad biggest Power Plant chooses DAMM’s TetraFlex® system for safety reasons.

Kaliningrad biggest Power Plant chooses DAMM’s TetraFlex system for safety reasons.

October 2009 – The biggest Power Plant in the western part of Russia, Kaliningradskaya TEC-2 chooses DAMM’s TetraFlex infrastructure to establish a safe and reliable communication platform for the safety of their staff, for crisis management and for higher effectiveness of the technical maintenance processes. The project is supplied through DAMM’s Russian partner Integra Pro.

The Kaliningradskaya TEC-2 is located in the city of Kaliningrad in a large industrial, cultural and educational center of the western part of Russia, and will by end of next year produce more than 80% of all energy in the Kaliningrad region. As a highly environmentally focused Power Plant operating on natural gas and with full heat recovery of turbine exhaust gases, one of its principles is to ensure the environmental and surroundings safety.

With the high focus on staff and environmental safety, TetraFlex was a natural choice to provide the required reliable communication platform. Also the wide range of integrated and ‘simple to use’ applications, such as dispatcher and log server, suited perfectly for the Power Plant operation.

Sergey Chivilev, Technical Director from Integra Pro comments: “With the two carrier outdoor TetraFlex solution from DAMM we achieved full coverage throughout the whole Power Plant, and the simple and flexible design of TetraFlex provides a very fast and cost attractive commissioning of the project to satisfy our customer”

Mr. Per Skovsund, Director of System Business at DAMM further comments: “We are happy, with this latest prestigious project in Kaliningrad, to set another milestone in our long term Russian history of business.”

The agreement with Kaliningradskaya TEC-2 is just one of many signed with DAMM lately strengthening DAMM’s position as one of the leading provider of innovative Tetra solutions to industries requiring business and mission critical communication.

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