Judgment of the District Court Düsseldorf on Motorola claim – No impact for our customers

Bad Münder, 21. November 2018

In a lawsuit between Motorola Solutions Inc. (Motorola) and Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH (Hytera) the Düsseldorf regional court ruled in the first instance on Tuesday, November 20, that a combination of functions that could previously be selected for certain Hytera DMR radios in connection with direct mode communication violated a Motorola patent that is valid in Germany.

“We respect the decision of the district court, but we are still firmly convinced that we in no way violate an existing patent and will therefore appeal,” said Matthias Klausing, CEO of Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH, right after the verdict.

However, already in early September 2018, Hytera had removed the features complained by Motorola with the latest software release 9.0 for the entire DMR product portfolio. Hytera additionally added more than 20 new attractive and innovative functions to it’s radio devices, repeaters and DMR system technology.

Customers and end users therefore remain completely untouched by the District Court’s current decision and, in addition, benefit from the new features and even better performance! “For us at Hytera Mobilfunk, top priority was given to ensuring that our customers’ investments are always protected and end users can benefit from our new innovations,” explains Matthias Klausing.

Hytera stands for innovative, high quality and professional mobile radio solutions. Thus, regardless of the current discussions with Motorola, we remain your strong and reliable partner in the field of DMR products throughout Germany and Europe. Let us speak if you have any questions. Your Hytera contacts are always available.

About Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH

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