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Interoperability developed for good reasons
The TETRA – critical communications Association developed the Interoperability Certification process and continues managing it to enable a truly open multi-vendor market for TETRA equipment and systems. The multi-vendor market gives concrete benefits both to the users in terms of wide portfolio of compatible equipment, fast development of new product models and competition; and to the industry in terms of wider accessible market, faster market take-up and better possibility to invest to new development. Read more…


The following tables contain links to relevant IOP forms and information pages:  

 Public area resources
List of participating manufacturers
White Paper and Chinese translation of White Paper
Available TIP Features


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Members area resources
Test Session Resouce Page
Interoperability Certification Process
Forms for Interoperability (IOP) Test Sessions
Interoperability Document Template
Test Session User Guides 
Streamlining Documents page
IOP Contacts page 



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