IOP questions and clarifications

Q: Has the CB a preference for air interface log format?
A: At the end of the relevant time slot of the test session, all participants shall provide all of their air interface logs to the Certification Body in a readable form. This may include the supply of log file decoding programs and usage training, if required, so that the Certification Body can read the logs.

Q: Which technical documents (TIPs, Test Plans, TIC-RTs) should be used during a test session?
A: Only documents agreed before the beginning of the test session shall be used during the session. If in the meantime new version are published, the usage of these new document shall be agreed between all parties.

Q: Can declarations be changed during a test session?
A: During a test session the expectation is that the declarations made (in the TIC-RTs) by both the MS and SwMI supplier are not changed. It is recognised, however, that errors can occur due to human error, and corrections of these is permitted. The supplier will highlight these errors to the CB, who will decide if the change is allowed. All changes to declarations due to a human error will be accompanied with a note in the Certificate and Test Report.

Q: What is the “human error” in the context of declarations filling in the TIC-RTs?
A:The “human error” exception shall not be used to hide a failed test case. If the engineers attempt to perform a test case, it is assumed that the test is supported. When the engineers notice a wrongly enabled test, they should indicate the human error before the attempt to perform the test.

Q: In which way can manufacturers have communication with CB ?
A: Arrangement of the test session should be done via e-mails It is a recommendation for all to use appropriate and clear subject field. Subject should identify the session references; i.e. the purpose of the e-mail, SwMI/MS and test session name. In urgent case phone call will be preferred. Exchanging of files can be done using the common repository on Cloud.

Q: How shall the TIC-RTs be correctly filled in and stored.
A: Useful user guides are available to help you in the correct use of TIC-RTs.

Q: If there is not enough time can wrap up meeting be skipped?
A:The risk of not having the Wrap up meeting is that in case of missing log files the manufacturers would not have possibility to repeat the test. As the result certification could be partial instead of full.

Q: What can be done to have certificates published earlier?
A: Correct application of the Common Repository Process, fluent and agreed execution of test cases, correct storage of log files, time to have wrap up meeting and short time to provide comments on draft certificates facilitate the early publishing of certificates without waiting for the deadline specified in process

Q: If manufacturer needs an urgent single test session how soon after request can be the session started?
A: A single test session can be organised in 1 week, depending on CB availability and on how diligently all relevant process document are provided by all parties.


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