Astrid DMO – Repeater Multi Test Session 2010

TCCA Interoperability Certificates and Test Reports for the session:

IDParticipantsInterfaceTest Session TypeDate and Venue
Cleartone (MS)
Eads (MS)
Motorola (MS)
Sepura (REP)
Sepura (MS)
Teltronic (MS)
DMOMultiApril 2010
Brussels, Belgium

By clicking on the Certificate or Test Report on the table below the certificate or test report can be downloaded. Test Reports provide additional detailed results and explanation about the procedures used, in order to view and download them you need to Login to the members area of the website.

All the Terminals below listed have been tested with:
Cleartone CM5000 and Sepura SRG3900 Repeaters

Manufacturers Certificates Test Reports
Cleartonev3 CM5000 (REP)
v2 CM5000 (DMO)
v3 CM5000 (REP)
v3 CM5000 (REP) – STP8000
v3 CM5000 (REP) – SRG3900
v3 CM5000 (REP) – MTP850
v3 CM5000 (REP) – MTP850S
v3 CM5000 (REP) – TCR1000
v3 CM5000 (REP) – CM5000
v2 CM5000 (REP) – THR9
v2 CM5000 (REP) – HTT-500
v3 CM5000 (REP) – MTD-400
v2 CM5000 (DMO)
Eadsv2 THR9 (DMO)v2 THR9 (DMO)
Motorolav2 MTP850S (DMO)
v2 MTP850   (DMO)
v1 TCR1000  (DMO)
v2 MTP850S (DMO)
v2 MTP850   (DMO)
v2 TCR1000  (DMO)
Sepurav1 SRG3900 (REP)
v2 SRG3900 (DMO)
v2 STP8000  (DMO)
v2 SRG3900 (REP)
v2 SRG3900 (REP) STP8000
v2 SRG3900 (REP) SRG3900
v2 SRG3900 (REP) MTP850
v2 SRG3900 (REP) MTP850S
v2 SRG3900 (REP) TCR1000
v2 SRG3900 (REP) CM5000
v2 SRG3900 (REP) THR9
v2 SRG3900 (REP) HTT-500
v2 SRG3900 (REP) MTD-400
v2 SRG3900 (DMO)
v2 STP8000  (DMO)
Teltronicv3 HTT-500  (DMO)
v2 MDT-400 (DMO)
v2 HTT-500  (DMO)
v2 MDT-400 (DMO)

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