149 Motorola – Motorola TMO Single Test Session 2016

TCCA Interoperability Certificates and Test Reports for the session:


ID Participants Interface Test Session Type Date and Venue
149 Motorola Solutions (SwMI)
Motorola Solutions (MS)
TMO Single full 12 – 21 April 2016
Krakow, Poland


By clicking on the Certificate or Test Report on the table below the certificate or test report can be downloaded. Test Reports provide additional detailed results and explanation about the procedures used, in order to view and download them you need to Login to the members area of the website.

The Terminal below listed has been tested with:
Motorola Solutions IP  Rel. 8.2  Infrastructure

Manufacturers  Certificates  Test Report
Motorola Solutions v1 MTP3250
v1 MTM5200
v1 MTM5400
v1 MTP8550Ex 
v1 MTP3250
V1 MTM5200
v1 MTM5400
v1 MTP8550Ex
Download all Files: v1 149 Certificates.zip v1 149 TestReport.zip

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