Infomatrix to provide High Speed TETRA Data Technology for Slovakia

Infomatrix to provide High Speed TETRA Data Technology for Slovakia

12th June 2007, Cambridge, England.

Infomatrix, the world-leader in information mobility, is working with Technopol International to deliver high-speed TETRA data solutions to key markets in Slovakia.

Field service operatives running web-based applications on PDAs will benefit from GPRS-comparable speeds on Technopol’s network when combined with Infomatrix [i]-SqZ Data Acceleration product. During the first phase of collaboration with Technopol International, [i]-SqZ will be used to optimise electronic form submission and data enquiry applications for the Automotive Industry.

About Infomatrix:

Infomatrix is the world leader in information mobility for the professional mobile workforce. Infomatrix [i]-Net suite of bridgeware products, addresses the key problems of connecting corporate IT systems to digital wireless networks with the minimum of connectivity know-how.

[i]-SqZ is the leading web-data accelerator used by the world’s largest TETRA network. [i]-BrJ allows applications to easily run over the best available wireless network according to tariff, coverage or bandwidth requirements [i]-SeC integrates high-grade security and encryption with ultra-low channel overhead. Close integration of the [i]-NeT product suite allows unprecedented performance of web-based and IP applications over the full range of digital wireless networks.

About Technopol International:

Technopol International, a company with 35 years experience in foreign trade, is the holder of the country wide license for operation of public access mobile radio network in the Slovak republic.

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