INFOMATRIX announce the launch of [i]-BrJ a flexible multi-bearer solution.

INFOMATRIX announce the launch of [i]-BrJ a flexible multi-bearer solution.

[i]-BrJ provides seamless mobility to the professional mobile workforce. Regardless of your information mobility requirements: web, intranets, corporate database applications, email or other data sources, [i]-BrJ is configurable to deliver your solutions in the most resilient, cost effective or application specific way. The seamless combining of access to multiple networks such as TETRA, GPRS, WiFi or 3G ensures the mobile workforce has constant data coverage provided at least any one network is available.

Guy Gibson (CEO INFOMATRIX) comments”Our goal is to provide the middleware to application developers so that mobile, secure evidential quality, real time video can be sent back to the command and control centre, this is a major first step.”

Andy Collier (Managing Director of TETRAtab Limited) commented [i]-SqZ and [i]-BrJ have been chosen to enable TETRAtab. We believe that seamless mobility and multi-bearer solutions are being demanded by the market and that the combination of these enablers with TETRAtab will satisfy these requirements. TETRAtab provides integrated Bluetooth, WiFi and TETRA and will support SIM based technologies including GPRS and 3G.

About Infomatrix:
Infomatrix is the world leader in information mobility for the professional mobile workforce. Infomatrix [i]-Net suite of bridgeware products addresses the key problems of connecting corporate IT systems to digital wireless networks with the minimum of connectivity know-how. [i]-SqZ is the leading web-data accelerator used by the world’s largest TETRA network. [i]-BrJ allows applications to easily run over the best available wireless network according to tariff, coverage or bandwidth requirements [i]-SeC integrates high-grade security and encryption with ultra-low channel overhead. Close integration of the [i]-NeT product suite allows unprecedented performance of web-based and IP applications over the full range of digital wireless networks.

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