Hytera Mobilfunk wins tender for C2000 renovation

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH from Bad Münder wins tender for TETRA communication system in the Netherlands (C2000).

The Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands announced the preliminary result of the public tender for the renovation of the communication system for public safety organizations in the Netherlands (C2000) on Thursday, 05th of March 2015. 

The German Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH won the evaluation for lot 1 of the tender preliminarily. In 2014, the renovation of C2000 was put out to public tender and was divided into 3 lots. Lot 1 contains the renovation of the TETRA voice and data system (T2000) for the communication between control center and task force, lot 2 implies the paging system for alarms (P2000) and lot 3 the control centers. 

The ministry´s evaluation took into account prize and quality of the offers. A team of experts was involved in the tender and evaluation. After a 20 day period for objections the tender is final and the project enters the contract and implementation phase. 

A number of important improvements will be realized on the new communication system. This includes additional capacities for major events and during catastrophes, an improved coverage as well as the ability to encrypt alarms.


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E-mail: markus.oltmanns@hytera.de

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