Hytera Mobilfunk puts together a partner package with stashcat® for LTE Multi-mode devices

Secure messaging for LMR: In stashcat®, Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH has gained a strong partner for its most recent product, the Multi-mode Advanced Radio.

“The Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio, in combination with the stashcat messenger, are the perfect package for practical use. With this package, we are first and foremost responding to the real-world requirements of security organizations, large industrial and utility companies and those of public transportation,” says Marvin Gradtke, Sales Manager at Hytera Mobilfunk.
This is because public agencies and organizations from the field of public safety, the industrial sector, also with utility and shipping companies as well as airports and public transit, require broadband data applications (for example, for the transmission of images and videos) in order to increase public safety and optimize their operational workflows.

Together, Hytera Mobilfunk and stashcat® are offering the comprehensive, encrypted solution for safety-critical use. stashcat® adds a secure, cloud-based messenger application with file management to the advantages of the Multi-mode Advanced Radio – a broadband-enabled terminal that is used for mission-critical communication in emergency response situations. stashcat® is a secure base technology that has been tried-and-tested by several federal state police departments in Germany, and it meets all requirements for data protection and security.

“It is fantastic to have stashcat by our side as a strong application partner, while being a strategically important step in the broadband sector,” says Frank Pauer, Deputy CSO at Hytera Mobilfunk.  “Together, we offer our customers individually tuned all-in-one device solutions. This is a one-of-a-kind added value.”

Christopher Bick, CEO stashcat GmbH, adds: “With our stashcat messenger as an application alongside the new generation of terminals by Hytera, we are happy to fulfill the current requirements for communication in the public safety and industrial sectors. This is a pioneering step.”


Caption: Marvin Gradtke (left), Sales Manager Hyter Mobilfunk, and Christopher Bick, CEO stashcat GmbH


About stashcat GmbH

stashcat belongs to heinekingmedia GmbH and is therefore part of the MADSACK Mediengruppe, headquartered in Hanover. stashcat® is a “Made in Germany” messenger and is aimed at companies and public authorities, covering requirements for confidential information and data exchange. Currently, stashcat® is being used in Germany as the base technology for “NIMes,” the communication system of the Lower Saxony State Police, and “HePolChat,” its counterpart of the State Police in Hesse.

About Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH is part of Hytera Communications Co. Ltd and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality TETRA, DMR, LTE and analog radio systems and terminals. Hytera Communications Co. Ltd. has a worldwide network of 60 subsidiaries and branch offices on all continents and employs over 9000 staff. Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH in Germany has been shaping the future of professional mobile radio and implementing customized solutions for over 35 years.

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