Hytera is launching DMR radios of the highest ATEX security class

With the PD7IS series, Hytera Mobilfunk is launching two new handheld digital mobile radios (DMRs). Certified with the highest possible ATEX security class “ia”, the PD715IS and the PD795IS provide optimal occupational safety in potentially explosive areas.

The PD7IS series expands the DMR range of sophisticated professional mobile radio communication in potentially explosive work environments. The handheld radios are particularly robust, reliable and developed for use in harsh environments. They meet the ATEX directives of the European Union, FM standards and IEC standards.

The PD7IS series is unique on the DMR radio market. Both handheld radios attained the maximum ATEX security class “ia” in the three areas of gas protection, dust protection and protection for use in mining. The handheld radios manufactured by Hytera are the first DMR radios authorized for use in areas with the highest level of protection, from Zone 0 for gas and Zone 20 for dust.

“Last year, we brought our PT790Ex TETRA radio to market, which was also certified with the highest ATEX security class. This year, we are expanding our extensive DMR range with the highly secure PD7IS series. Maximum occupational safety for users and efficient communication – that is our mission,” says Thomas Rauschmaier, Product Manager at Hytera Mobilfunk.

Like all Hytera radios, the radios in the PD7IS series offer outstanding mechanical properties and a broad range of functions. The radio series consists of two devices: The PD715IS without a keypad and the PD795IS, which has a full keypad. The mechanical design safeguards the user from incorrect use and thereby ensures a level of occupational safety for the user. For example, an alarm sounds automatically if batteries and accessories that do not meet the required level of protection are used. The PD7IS devices can be operated either in analog, DMR Tier II, DMR Tier III and in MPT, XPT or in single-frequency networks.

Frank Pauer, Deputy CSO at Hytera Mobilfunk: “With the PD7IS radio series, Hytera is expanding its range of solutions for the oil, chemical and gas industries, as well as mines and special units of the fire departments and emergency services. Workplaces which handle combustible and explosive gases, liquids and dust place especially high demands of reliability on secure communication. As the foremost manufacturer of DMR products, we are therefore proud to have achieved the highest possible ATEX security class “ia” with our devices, enabling them to be used in all ATEX-protection zones.”

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