Hungary Joined the International Circulation of TETRA World

Hungary Joined the International Circulation of TETRA World

Professional Mobile Telecommunications-Users’ Day 2007, Budapest

5thApril, 2007, Budapest – On the anniversary of the Budapest launch of TETRA-based unified digital radio telecommunication system (Egysges Digitlis Rdi-tvkzlo Rendszer, EDR) streamlining telecommunication for Hungarian public safety, The Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office Public Safety Department, T-Mobile, Pro-M Zrt. and TETRA Forum Hungary Association have organized Professional Mobile Telecommunications-Users’ Day 2007, an international conference held on 5th April, 2007. Dr. Gyrgy Szilvsy, Minister of The Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office patrons the international event organized for the first time. Christopher Mattheisen, President and CEO of Magyar Telekom and Gza Simon, Government Commissioner of Prime Minister’s Office, eGovernment Centre opened the large scale -300 participants- Conference and Exhibition.

Professional Mobile Telecommunications Day 2007

On the Public Safety workshop – panel discussion-held during the afternoon, moderated by Mr. Kozma, participating plenary presenters and representatives of vendors including EADS, SEPURA, MOTOROLA and SAGEM investigated the possibility of interoperability between TETRA-network and terminals, and security questions related to the system. Czirok Ferenc Colonel, held a presentation on Allocation of calling groups at BRFK.
At non-PSworkshop, potential civil users attended excellent presentations on frequency allocations, application conditions, penetration and user training of the system.
Pro-M, EADS, SEPURA, MOTOROLA, SAGEM, RADIANT and P-Mobile demonstrated their applications, products and services in the meantime of the Conference.

Unified Digital Radio-telecommunication System

The highlighted topics of the conference were the advantages and the domestic and international experience of the now countrywide EDR (Unified Digital Radio System for PS). EDR is a closed mobile telecommunications system with extremely high availability. The purpose of this system is providing professional, effective and secure connection between public safety and law enforcement organizations during their actions. EDR uses TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) technology. The planned users include among others the police, border guards, fire department, disaster prevention service, National Environment, Nature Protection and Water Authority, National Ambulance Service, penal institutions, the army and national security services.The countrywide network consists of 227 base stations providing technical background for 42 thousand terminals. The Hungarian system is one of Europe’s most advanced radio system with the largest coverage in terms of headcount rate. The implementation and operation of the network is carried out by Pro-M Professzionlis Mobilrdi Zrt. (Pro-M. Zrt.), a subsidiary of Magyar Telekom Group.

“The government procurement of Hungarian TETRA system, and finally, the implementation of Unified Digital Radio-telecommunication System (EDR) conclude several years of preparation work inHungary. The duty of Prime Minister’s Office was preparation and organization of government’s EDR System strategy. Prime Minister’s Office Public Safety Department was on duty for the execution of this strategy and the coordination system’s implementation” – said Gza Simon, Government Commissioner of Prime Minister’s Office, eGovernment Centre.

“With Pro-M Zrt, we have new possibilities. Building upon Magyar Telekom’s, or rather T-Mobile’s modern telecommunication infrastructure and its professionals’ expertise, with Pro-M Zrt. we introduced the new, extremely complex TETRA emergency system at a speed that counts very fast even on a world scale. It is a great recognition and also a great challenge for us to provide this communication system for the response services that are determining factors in the life of the country. Of course, this comes with great responsibility, because efficient and streamlined communication of the Ambulance service, the Fire Brigade, the Police and many other important organizations essentially can influence the life of all Hungarian citizens,” – said Jnos Winkler, Chief Officer of Magyar Telekom Group and head of Mobile Division.

“We are very delighted that, in accordance with our agreement, we could hand over the countrywide network according to schedule. After handing over the Budapest network on 5th April 2006, the countrywide system became operational in record time, 9 months. Following the countrywide handover, the first large phase of the project is closed, but the main part of the work is just starting for us as apart from establishing the network, Pro-M has undertaken the duty of providing the service and operating the network for the next ten years.” – Bla Kozma, CEO of Pro-M Zrt.

“Professional Mobile Telecommunications Day 2007 conference on 5thApril is organized to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of EDR system at Budapest. The event is planned to be held on the same day every year, making a tradition for promoting professional mobile technologies in Hungary. The highlighted topic of 2007 is the Hungarian Unified Digital Radio System (EDR). This conference aims to provide an opportunity for Hungarian users and telecommunication experts for expanding their knowledge, and learn about the new possibilities of TETRA-technology and the newly implemented system. I believe that the expertise of presenters will deliver participants useful information that can be leveraged in their work,” – added Kozma.

“The TETRA-based pan-European system developed by ETSI is considered a world standard, just like GSM. The system is emerging, both on emergency and civil market. A worldwide international organization, TETRA MoU Association, headquartered in UK, and regional forums like TETRA Forum Hungary Association have an important role in promoting the technology, development of applications and exchange of international experiences. The profession considers the Hungarian EDR network as a model, and recognizes the exceptional performance of organizations and professionals involved in the project,” – said Dr. Ferenc Valter President of the Hungarian Association.

Background information:

About T-Mobile

Mobil division of Magyar Telekom, T-Mobile serves more than 4.4 million customers, and is the leading mobile network operator in Hungary since the beginning. Its operation is characterized by customer focus and a series of innovations: This operator has made available a number of services in Hungary for the first time, including GPRS, MMS, 3G, and HSDPA, and they still the only providers of the latter service in Hungary. More than 100 professionals of T-Mobile worked on record-fast implementation and launch of EDR network.

Pro-M Zrt.

Professzionlis Mobilrdi Zrt. (Pro-M. Zrt.) is a member of the Magyar Telekom Group. Pro-M Zrt. is responsible for implementation of the Unified Digital Radio Communications System in Hungary. The purpose of the closed radio communications system that ensures very high availability is to implement professional connections between various emergency and law enforcement bodies that enable faster, more efficient and secure performance of various tasks. EDR will be constructed in Hungary with TETRA technology. TETRA is the acronym for a mobile telecommunications system designed for professional use called Terrestrial Trunked Radio. It is a unique combination of group communication services, mobile telephony, message sending and mobile data services available from a single radio unit. The planned users in Hungary of the EDR service implemented by Pro-M Zrt. include among others the police, border guards, fire department, disaster prevention service, National Environment, Nature Protection and Water Authority, National Ambulance Service, penal institutions, the army and national security services. The company’s CEO is Bla Kozma who was earlier at the head of Emitel Rt.

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