Hungary chooses Sepura radios for its Public Safety users

Hungary chooses Sepura radios for its Public Safety users

The Hungarian government has chosen Sepura TETRA radios to operate on the country’s national public safety network.

In November 2005 the Hungarian government signed a 10 year agreement (from 2007 to 2017) for the use of TETRA services. The total capacity of the system allows for over 42,000 public safety users. In December 2006 the government signed frame contract for the phase two delivery of TETRA terminals, which may reach in total up to 28,000 terminals.

Sepura will supply SRH3800 sGPS™ hand-held radios with fully-integrated and ultra-sensitive GPS receiver, the most consistently accurate on the market today. This provides precise positioning, even in built-up locations where other GPS devices struggle, enabling the location of public safety users to be tracked at all times, in particular when responding to emergency calls. The Hungarian government has also chosen Sepura’s SRG3500 Gateway. Sepura’s mobile gateway gives improved access to the TETRA network in areas of poor reception by forming a bridge between the trunked network and individual hand-held radios.

Kenneth Hubner, Regional Sales Director for Sepura said: “We are proud to have been selected by the Hungarian government; it is indeed an extremely significant endorsement for Sepura. This is the biggest single contract for TETRA terminals ever signed in Central Eastern Europe, and it also demonstrates and reinforces the importance of separating the procurement of the network from the terminals. By procuring separately, as it has long been the market norm, Hungarian public safety users have ensured a wider terminal offering to choose from, including not only hand-portables, but gateways and other specialist terminals”.

About Sepura:

Sepura is the world’s leading independent TETRA terminal supplier. It designs, develops and supplies digital (TETRA) radios for the public safety market (such as police, fire and ambulance) as well as Military, Transport and Utilities. Sepura headquartered in Cambridge, UK, has an international network of distributors and partners supplying organisations in over 80 countries worldwide.

Sepura offers the most comprehensive and largest international range of TETRA products. Its products are available in the widest range of TETRA frequency bands and operate on all manufacturers’ infrastructures.

Manufactured by Siemens in Austria, Sepura’s product portfolio comprises vehicle-mounted and hand-held radios, the world’s most popular covert radios, 10W mobile gateways and the most advanced programming support tool on the TETRA market today – Radio Manager. Amongst the many options available with these radios are the multi award winning fully-integrated sGPS™ receiver and the most comprehensive range of air interface and End-to-End encryption algorithms.

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