Hong Kong Congress highlights Asia Pacific TETRA market growth

Hong Kong Congress highlights Asia Pacific TETRA market growth

06 June 2008 – The first TETRA World Congress to be held in Asia attracted 60 per cent of its attendees from the Asia Pacific region, with two thirds of the total visitors coming from non-European countries. With the TETRA market in Asia Pacific showing an increase of 98 per cent* in the last 12 months – more than double the growth rate of the overall global market – the strength of the region as the driver of the future TETRA industry is clearly proven.

The Congress in Hong Kong attracted over 2000 visitors in total. TETRA products and services from around the world were on show at the exhibition, where the original space allocation was increased 100 per cent to meet the demand for stands.

Conference attendees were evenly split between delegates from Asia Pacific and those from Europe, with the Middle East, Africa and the Americas accounting for the remaining 13 per cent.

TETRA Association CEO Phil Kidner said: “The interest in TETRA technology is now coming from all regions of the world, but none more so than Asia, where the enthusiasm and speed of adoption is remarkable. We will continue to work on behalf of the TETRA industry and our members to showcase the technology around the world, and to ensure that its benefits are accessible to all.”

While the majority of countries using TETRA are now outside Europe, it is Eastern Europe that delivered the second fastest growing region after Asia Pacific, with the market showing contracts up 48 per cent.

Public safety remains the largest global user base. In Asia Pacific the transportation sector is extremely strong with almost 40 per cent of the contracts. Globally, non-public safety sectors are showing huge potential, with oil & gas contracts up 110 per cent, and general commerce & industry up 94 per cent.

TETRA technology is now present in 103 countries, with a buoyant global industry demonstrated by a near 40 per cent increase in total contracts awarded over the last 12 months. The 100th country to adopt the technology was Namibia earlier this year.

The 11th TETRA World Congress will be held in Munich from 26 -29 May 2009. The network currently being implemented in Germany will be the largest TETRA network in the world.

*All figures compiled from information provided by TETRA Association members. Figures refer to notified contracts June 2007 – May 2008, compared to figures from previous 12 months.
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