HMF tests multi-cell LTE network for public safety in Hungary

Successful field trial in Hungary: On behalf of Pro-M, the operator of the Hungarian Public Safety Network, Hytera Mobilfunk (HMF) has tested a multi-cell, mission-critical LTE network in real operation.

The central 700 MHz LTE test system was set up in the city centre of Budapest and consisted of an LTE core, the MCx application server (MCS) and two SmartOne dispatchers.

In addition, a baseband unit (BBU) and a remote radio unit (RRU) were installed at each of three other locations.

The test users used Hytera PTC760 multi-mode advanced radios, PNC550 PoC devices and VM780 body cams.

The field test with Pro-M, held over several weeks, focused primarily on functional testing. Pro-M is currently evaluating LTE as a successor technology for their latest TETRA network.

In addition, the HMF team also conducted a drive test to take a close look at the quality of the radio coverage, the network capacity and the overall performance of the network. “Everything worked well, as expected, and we are very satisfied with the test results,” said system engineer Mario Fenz, drawing a positive conclusion after the test phase.
Professional broadband infrastructure from HMF

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