Highly Mobile Cellular Networks Improve Tactical Missions for German Armed Forces and Security Forces

Airbus presents a highly efficient and deployable Tetra and LTE solution at Germany’s important military IT exhibition AFCEA in Bonn

Elancourt, 6 April 2017 – Airbus will offer a comprehensive range of mobile Tetra communication and LTE technology at this year’s IT military exhibition to replace the existing German Armed Forces mobile communication systems. Airbus is collaborating with General Dynamics Mission Systems to deliver mobile cellular network solutions that meet the prerequisites for the German Armed Forces’ ‘Mobile Tactical Communications’ programme (Mobile Taktische Kommunikation/MoTaKo). This programme is considered to be a major project to modernise the German Armed Forces’ mobile communication during military missions.

“The highly militarised and reliable LTE solution from General Dynamics will be integrated into our cellular network system architecture,” explains Markus Kolland, Head of Sales and Program Delivery for Europe and Africa of Secure Land Communications at Airbus. “No doubt, we are on the right track to bridge the gap between secure voice and broadband data services for mobile subscribers. We are also able to link these solutions with the German BOS at the individual network element level.”

Around two years ago, Airbus proved that voice and broadband data services could be transmitted via Tetra and LTE systems, including for highly mobile mission scenarios, when the company carried out a study on highly mobile cellular networks with the German Armed Forces. A technical solution was developed on the basis of the study that uses commercially available server platforms as a key element. This application can be easily integrated into a multitude of platforms.

With the next-generation hybrid handheld device Tactilon Dabat, Tetra voice and LTE data services can be transmitted simultaneously. The device integrates an Android smartphone and a Tetra radio in one compact device with an ergonomic design.

Airbus will present this solution for the first time at the 31st AFCEA (Armed Forces Communication Electronics Association) exhibition in the Maritim Hotel Bonn on 26 and 27 April 2017. The event, this year entitled ‘Innere und äußere Sicherheit 4.0 – Schlüssel zur digitalen Souveränität’ (domestic and external security 4.0 – the key to digital sovereignty), boasts 125 exhibitors and is one of the key exhibitions in the field of military IT and intelligence.

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