Helping PMR users to make the right choice

Helping PMR users to make the right choice

TCCA publishes new white paper on TETRA and DMR

Professional mobile radio (PMR) users in most regions of the world have the benefit of a healthy and competitive communications market with a choice of technologies.  However, a good understanding of the benefits and limitations of the available choices is essential in order to maximise investment and to ensure the selection of the most suitable technology.

To help PMR users consider the options when migrating any analogue radio network to the digital world, the TCCA , the world’s leading critical communications representative organisation, has produced a white paper  that sets out the benefits of the two main standards in this market, TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) and DMR (Digital Mobile Radio).

The white paper considers the performance, functionality, applications and interoperability aspects as well as the migration strategies for the TETRA and DMR standards, both created by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).  In principle both DMR and TETRA are open standards, although some implementation details, particularly in DMR, are left open to allow proprietary extensions by manufacturers.

Although DMR is sometimes seen as a threat to TETRA in certain markets, the standards are mainly complementary.  The goal of this white paper is to examine the claims of both TETRA and DMR proponents to find out what is really relevant for any application, and to help users make the right choice.


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