Happy 10th Birthday Sepura – celebrating a decade of success

Cambridge, 22nd March 2012 – On its 10th anniversary Sepura, a Cambridge company which has achieved global success, has many reasons to celebrate. Since its launch in March 2002, Sepura – which stands for SEcure PUblic RAdio – has developed into one of the world’s leading TETRA suppliers.

Sepura’s origins are deeply rooted in radio technology; its ancestors Pye Telecom, Philips and Simoco were undisputed pioneers and innovators in the field. Year after year Sepura’s achievements have grown exponentially as demonstrated by the milestones it has reached. In 2009 Sepura became the number one supplier of TETRA radios to Police, Fire and Ambulance organisations worldwide; in 2010 Sepura was the number one supplier to all users in EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa). Today over 900,000 Sepura radios are in use by customers in more than 100 countries across a wide range of market sectors including public transport, airports, municipalities and the energy sector.

Sepura’s first branded hand-held TETRA radio, the SRP2000, was developed at a time when the UK Police were going through a uniform re-design. Sepura listened to UK police users and delivered highly innovative, functional secure communications devices that were fit-for-purpose. As a result by mid 2004 the SRP2000 had an astonishing 90% market share with the Police in the UK.

Sepura never became complacent, but kept listening to its worldwide prospective customers’ secure communications requirements and by 2008 had successfully delivered a product that has made TETRA history: the STP8000 hand-portable TETRA radio. With the 8000 series of TETRA radios Sepura was able to reach market leadership in Germany, which together with the UK represents the two largest TETRA markets in the world. In 2010 Sepura launched the SRG3900 TETRA gateway repeater, the latest evolution of its market-leading SRG3500 gateway, which has now become the TETRA gateway of choice for users from around the globe. To date all the innovative features first launched by Sepura – such as GPS, gateway, repeater, remote programming, longer battery life and many more – are now taken for granted in public safety radios.

Today Sepura’s market leadership spans more than 30 countries from Sweden, Russia and Malaysia to Australia, Uruguay and Mauritania. Notwithstanding its rapid growth, Sepura retains the same core values that it had as a smaller company – the same values that saw all employees from the administration assistants to the general manager roll up their sleeves and come together to program and pack radios in order to guarantee critical customer shipments.

The culture and the values that permeate Sepura are also evident in the high standards of support the organisation provides to its customers. Most user organisations from around the world know that they can rely, without hesitation, on Sepura’s competent and enthusiastic support team, always ready to answer queries and – it has been known – to meet customers anywhere in the world and at any time of the year.

Jens Thostrup, Senior Vice President for Sepura said: “Sepura’s partner network has also been instrumental to our success. Channel partners from all corners of the globe, by spreading the Sepura gospel in their territories, have helped us – and continue to do so – along this incredible journey”.

Gordon Watling in a global announcement to all Sepura employees commented:”I am proud to be Sepura’s Chief Executive on such a momentous occasion. I want to convey very special thanks to every single past and present employee for their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm through the years and to their families for their continuous support and understanding. Celebrations for this special anniversary will continue throughout the next twelve months, one major highlight of which will be our 10th anniversary summer party for all employees, which will hopefully be remembered by everybody for many years to come”.

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