Growth in all sectors as TETRA reaches further round the world during 2005

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Growth in all sectors as TETRA reaches further round the world during 2005

TWC 2005, Frankfurt: The annual contract survey by the TETRA MoU Association shows that TETRA has been deployed in over 40% of the world’s nations. The most recent contract review completed in October 2005 lists over 788 significant TETRA infrastructure and terminal contracts awarded in 77 countries – a contract growth of 27% compared to the last survey in 2004. Just as the survey was completed, announcements were made in Hungary and in the UK of nationwide contracts – for the Hungarian Public Safety services and for the English Fire and Rescue Services respectively.

Phil Godfrey, the TETRA Association’s Chairman commented, “This is the third year in a row we have been able to report double figure growth in TETRA contracts. Not only has TETRA become the de facto standard for Public Safety users, it is also achieving significant growth in other market sectors such as Transportation and Commercial markets.

The top two user segments by contract volume are still Public Safety and Transportation who, between them, represent over two-thirds of the global market (Fig 1). However, growth in absolute terms for the Transportation market has now overtaken the Public Safety market.

Users realising Business Benefits
The Public Safety map across Europe and the Nordic region (Fig 2) is demonstrating major progress towards the Schengen goal for a harmonised approach for cross-border public safety communications. Now, TETRA has been deployed for PSS use in almost all European countries in the 380-400 MHz frequency band. Germany, Europe’s largest and highest populated country is on the verge of a decision concerning their new national communications network. The government has specified the TETRA standard or a comparable technology as the basis for any solution proposed.

TETRA now deployed in 77 countries around the world
Regional growth for TETRA has been strong around the world (Fig 3). With a large installed base in Europe, numerical growth continues to be most in these regions where national networks have been installed and users enjoy the benefit of multi-vendor choice and interoperability. The fastest growing regions in percentage terms during the survey period were Africa and the Middle East, demonstrating TETRA’s momentum as a standard. Phil continued, “We seem to be at a point where we are changing up a gear as TETRA growth accelerates in regions outside of Europe. To help respond to the demand for TETRA information from Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, the TETRA Association will be holding more Seminars and Workshops in those regions next year. If potential users can’t come to TETRA then we’ll go to them.”

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