Great success with the first TETRA mobile radio system in the United States

Hytera was awarded the contract for the first TETRA mobile radio system in the United States for operative use.

Hytera Mobilfunk is pleased about the first great success on the North-American continent. In the United States, TETRA is a comparatively new technology which was recently approved by the FCC. TETRA and specifically ACCESSNET®-T IP from Hytera offer outstanding features as well as data capability which were not available in this market until now.

Thanks to the perfect cooperation between Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH and Hytera Communications in Miami, it was possible to obtain the contract with the US energy supplier Cobb Electric Membership Corp. (EMC).

Matthias Klausing, Manager of Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH, is very satisfied with this important project success in the North-American PMR market: “In the United States, it was not possible to market the TETRA technology until very recently. Our rigorous market development strategy as well as the successful cooperation with Hytera America Inc. are now showing first successes, which will also help us as a reference for additional project contracts.”

Before the end of 2013, Hytera will implement the extensive TETRA mobile radio system for Cobb EMC. The infrastructure as well as the 320 mobile stations are from Hytera. At the customer’s special request, a mobile location (computer on wheels) will be integrated in addition to four fixed sites. The main criteria in the decision for TETRA and Hytera on part of Cobb EMC are the high level of adaptability of the system as well as the open TETRA standard.

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