Gold Coast Suns Take A Shine to Sepura

Launching a completely new professional sports team can be costly, but it is also an opportunity to ensure that the team is equipped with the very latest technology in all spheres.  The Gold Coast Suns, a new professional Australian Rules football team, has taken this approach and chosen to use Sepura TETRA radios for all aspects of its operations.

The team has just embarked on its inaugural season in the Australian Football League (AFL) and its establishment marks a major investment  in the coastal region south of Brisbane, on Australia’s east coast.  A total of AUS$144m has been invested in the team’s Metricon stadium, which has a capacity of 25,000 and will provide employment for up to 900 people.  When setting up the team and its stadium, the Suns opted for TETRA technology, primarily due to the secure communications that it guaranteed.  Having selected Damm TETRA infrastructure, the team decided that its key criteria in selecting terminals would be robustness and audio quality.  These factors were selected both because of the potential for radios to be dropped or knocked and because of the crowd noise that would occur during matches.  Sepura came out ahead of the competing terminals on both counts and an order for 140 terminals followed.  The Sepura terminals will be used for a wide variety of uses, from crowd control and maintenance at the stadium to passing messages between coaching staff during games. 

Commenting on the contract, Mark Wood, the Managing Director of GMG, Sepura’s local channel partner commented “Since the introduction of the CG Suns,  the team has always been willing to try new ideas and the selection of Sepura terminal for their communications was another example of the team choosing the best available products for their needs.”

Doug Bowden, Sepura’s Senior Business Development Manager in Australia added: “We have recently won a number of very large contracts.  This contract is particularly pleasing, as the establishment of a new team is a special event and we are really thrilled to be helping out. It also proves that Sepura terminals are truly versatile and their key attributes are attractive to a wide range of business sectors”.

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